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Fire Sprinkler Systems • Water Spray Systems • Emulsifier Systems For Transformers • Water Mist Systems For Paint Booths

• Design and consultancy of fire protection   System as per NBC, NFPA & other
  relevant standards.

Fire Hydrant Systems

• HVWS and MVWS systems i.e.   Sprinkler systems for various   applications.

• Emulsifier systemsfor transformers.

• Dry and wet risers for residential
  and commercial premises.

• Foam Flooding Systems

• CO2 Flooding systems

• FM200 systems

• SAPPHIRE clean agent systems

• Fire detection & fire alarm systems

• Training programmes

• Aerosol Suppression system for
  elecrical panels and panel rooms

• Spray systems for LPG bullets
  and HSD tanks etc.

• Maintenance of all types of
  fire fighting systems.
Sprinkler Systems

High Velocity Water Spray System
High velocity water spray system has been designed to extinguish oil fires. It introduces an entirely new principle in fire extinguishing.
High velocity water spray system has been designed to extinguish oil fires. It introduces an entirely new principle in fire extinguishing. It is employed to bring about a fundamental change in the nature of the flammable liquid, which is converted temporarily into an emulsion that cannot burn.

All oils are water repellent, and so do not melt. Therefore, the cooling action of water applied in the form of a jet or low-pressure spray is negligible. The basic principle used in high velocity spray system is the use of water in the form of fine mist.
Application area : Commercial buildings, Factories and power plants

Medium Velocity Water Spray System

We are stalwarts in manufacturing and supplying a wide gamut of Medium Velocity Water Spray System. Manufactured using high quality raw material and modernized machinery, all our products are designed in compliance with international quality standards. These spray systems are widely used in fire risks which involves lighter oils and provide protection to vessels and other structures which are exposed to heat.
Fires involving liquids with flash points below 32°C cannot always be extinguished by high velocity water spray system, and in such cases medium velocity water sprayers giving medium water drop sizes are employed. Water is sprayed directly over the protected surface, preventing dangerous temperature rise and distortion.

Emulsifier System For Transformers

Supplier, Distributor and Service Provider of Emulsifier System. We are a one stop solution provider as we manufacture, design, supply, install and also undertake annual maintenance contracts for these products.

We offer best Design & Engineering of an integrated spray system called as Emulsifier System For Transformers as per national/ international standard and guidelines. During designing we consider that adequate coverage of the entire transformer unit including the conservation tanks; the bushings and the bottom area shall cover by HVW spray system.

Our designed system in accordance to international standards is an arrangement of Piping, Deluge & Automatic Value, Nozzle, Q.B. Detectors etc. to make an automatic or manually actuated fixed pipe system connected to a water supply to provide a specific water discharge and distribution over the protected surface of area.

This is generally used for extinction of fires in flammable medium and heavy oils or similar flammable liquids having a flashpoint above 65oC. (eg: Transformer fires) The system projects water in the form of a conical spray, with the droplets of water travelling at high velocity. Extinguishment is achieved by the three principles of emulsification, cooling and smothering.

Some of the water droplets while passing through the flames get converted into steam, thereby achieving the smothering effect. The high velocity sprays of water are discharged through specially designed projectors. These systems can be operated either manually or automatically.

Water Mist system For Paint Booth

We provide unique Water Mist System service. Water is forced through micro nozzles at very high pressure to create a water mist with the most effective firefighting drop size distribution. The Water Mist System provides better protection for personnel and surroundings and minimizes potential water damage, as the majority of the water mist evaporates. The Water Mist System is available for total flooding, local applications and deep fat fryers, and also as a high pressure or low pressure system.

Sprinkler System
We are successfully ranked as the foremost organization for trading and supplying a quality assured range of Fire Sprinkler System that is procured from authorized vendors of the market. In case of fire, our provided sprinkler system starts venting water through the sprinkle. At vendors' end, the offered system is precisely engineered using premium quality components and progressive technology. Apart from this, our offered sprinkler system is widely used in buildings, industries, hospitals, schools and other similar places.
Features: Easy installation, Low maintenance, Rust proof,

Sprinkler Grid

We offer quality range of sprinklers Grid systems, which is considered as the backbone of fire protection systems for modern buildings and is mandated by the local fire brigade, insurance authorities and other regulatory bodies.

We provide best quality range of Sprinkler Grid Systems. These are widely used in the factories and large buildings throughout the nation. Our Sprinkler Grid Systems are highly reliable, best in features and are very simple to install. They are sourced from reliable vendors.
Features: High performance, Easy installation, Superior quality

Sprinkler Grid
Sprinkler Alarm Valve
Sprinkler Grid Sprinkler Alarm Valve Sprinkler
Sprinkler Grid
Sprinkler Grid    


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