• FM200 Flooding Systems • CO2 Flooding Systems • Foam Flooding Systems • Aerosol Suppression System

What we offer
  • Design and consultancy of fire protection System as per NBC, NFPA & other relevant standards.
  • Fire Hydrant Systems
  • HVWS and MVWS systems i.e. Sprinkler systems for various applications.
  • Emulsifier systems for transformers.
  • Dry and wet risers for residential and commercial premises.
  • Foam Flooding Systems
  • CO2 Flooding systems
  • FM200 systems
  • SAPPHIRE clean agent systems
  • Fire detecton and fire alarm systems
  • Training programmes
  • Aerosol Suppression system for elecrical panels and panel rooms
  • Spray systems for LPG bullets and HSD tanks etc.
  • Maintenance of all types of fire fighting systems.
FM200 Flooding Systems

Benefits of FM200
  • Fast - Within seconds, FM200 penetrates the entire hazard areas to smother the combustion.

  • Environmentally Friendly & FM200 exists as a gas in the earth's atmosphere and is one of the
    by-products of combustion. It's use has no environmental impact.

  • Non-damaging – FM200 does not cause spoilage, requires no clean up and leaves no residue.

  • Non-conductive – FM200 is electrically non-conductive, allowing use for a wide variety of
    special applications.

  • Adaptive – FM200 is effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials.
FM200 Flooding System FM200 Flooding Nozzle FM200 Gas Bank
FM200 Flooding System
FM200 Flooding Nozzle FM200 Gas Bank

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